• What is Leafwell?


Leafwell Catering is a healthy catering freshly cooked and delivered to your doorstep. We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and create unique, but healthy dishes. With over 200 menus and counting, there is always something new to try every week.


Why worry about Jakarta’s traffic when the food can come to you.



  • Who is Leafwell?


It started off as a passion for eating and a desire to be healthy. This passion and desire drove a few young individuals to create nutritious, affordable, and tasty meals, to what we now call Leafwell Catering.



  • Where is Leafwell?


Leafwell Catering is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We offer free delivery to Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Barat, and some areas in Jakarta Utara. Contact us at +62-877-818-818-11 for more information.



  • Why Leafwell?


At Leafwell Catering, we constantly challenge our team of dedicated and passionate chefs to create and invent innovative, nutritionally counted dishes. We push the boundaries on what is healthy and bring you wide variety of cuisines, altered to be healthy.


Eating is one of the greatest joys in life, why waste it on tasteless food.



  • How to order Leafwell?


Visit our website or contact us at 0877-818-818-11 to order. Let us worry about getting you healthy and you worry about eating it. You don’t need to die, just to diet.




Please contact us for any further questions.